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5 Frequently Asked Questions Associated With Men’s Fashion


For all men, there are some simple fashion rules to follow if they want to actually make a difference in the way they are perceived by colleagues, friends, clients, and the special person in their life. Though these rules are not taught to men, they are expected to be aware of them someway or the other. Men usually tend to get plenty of doubts in their mind when they are getting ready. For example, several men have asked themselves, “Should socks match my pants of shoes?” Similarly, there are plenty of questions they ask themselves. Read on to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions associated with men’s fashion.

Should I Tuck in the Shirt or Leave It Out?

If the shirt ends in a straight line, it should be left out. If you are wearing dress shirt, it should always be tucked in. Dress shirts with short sleeves are kind of campy and it would be better to avoid them. Though, if the short sleeve dress shirt is plaid, you can usually get away with it.

Can Dress Shirt Be Worn with Anything?

This actually depends on several factors. Dress shirts worn with denim present a real classic look, unless it is evident that there is a distinct difference in terms of quality between the two. It will also look good if the dress shirt is thicker and heavier and not the same weight as that of one put under the suit.

What Color Should the Socks or Shoes Be?

It is essential that your socks or shoes match your belt. If your belt is not in a solid color, then it should match the prominent color in the belt. If you find that no color perfectly complements then you should not be wearing that belt at all. As far as your socks compliment your shoes color, you should be fine!

Which Suit Colors Should I Opt For?

While the choice of suit colors depends on the occasion for which you are buying it and individual preferences, the universally liked, evergreen, and trendy color choices are black, charcoal grey and navy blue (or midnight blue). If you already own one in these colors, you can opt for light grey, light brown or khaki.

How Do I Dress Up for My First Date?

The key to dressing up perfectly for your first date is to stay simple, while adding an edge. In simple words, keep it quite traditional with little conservative looks, but add a bit to present a sharper vibe. Stay smart and casual when dressing for dates. If you would be dating during the winter, you can pair up your casual with a warm pullover like Paul and Shark jumper. Avoid choosing statement pieces or loud shirts. A light dab of cologne should do the magic, but don’t ever do the mistake of overloading it. Groom to perfection and feel good in what you are wearing.

These being few of the common questions about men’s fashion, drop in your comments below about any fashion queries you have.

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